Our mission statement is to turn these young boys into men. Due to different home situation and tough decisions that we all sometimes must make, our organization was created to give young men constant positive male role models, effective relationships, community involvement, interactive teachers, open communication, love and a nurturing environment. The Help4YoungMen Foundation believes that these are the keys to giving these young men an exciting opportunity in life that otherwise might not be afforded to them.

Our values:

A good role model and a positive environment bring out the best in kids. Mentoring works best when it’s long-term, centered in community, and built around fun activities. A positive attitude can transform a life, regardless of what one is going through.

We should all strive to be more compassionate, kind, and respectful. Tolerating disrespectful behaviors damages kids and communities. Kids we mentor today will pass the torch, as young adults, by mentoring the next group of kids.