The Help4YoungWomen program provides encouragement and guidance to young ladies from elementary school to high school as they learn who they are and how powerful they can be in the world. The program is designed to teach girls leadership skills by utilizing positive and influential mentors to invest time, energy, and positive re-enforcement. It also will help girls identify their purpose and prepare them to make that purpose into a career. The program will motivate students and demonstrate to them how to become responsible, inspired, visionaries and innovators of their dreams and aspirations. The Help4YoungWomen curriculum provides tools that young girls need to become respectable and productive adults. The leadership skills provided in the program will allow the girls to be the best leaders possible in their future roles as mothers, friends, sisters, professionals, educators, politicians, entrepreneurs or wherever path they choose.


Help4YoungWomen will work closely with our young girls to provide encouragement of their dreams and aspirations and preferred careers or entrepreneurial goals. Help4YoungWomen will build confidence and self-esteem and give young girls a strong foundation in morale and work ethics. We will teach students the importance of service and taking ownership of themselves and their work. Each year, these girls will move up the ladder of servant hood. By the end of their elementary/middle school years, they will have served locally, state-wide, and nationally.


Our goal is to empower youth through discovery and discussion of history, culture, social problems, and the political forces surrounding them. It is our vision to build strong characters, increase the high school graduation rates and enrollment in colleges, and to teach self-pride and self-worth for themselves and their culture. We will plant the seed of success and the importance of a good education. By planting the seeds early in their development, we will increase the graduation rates for young girls beginning from elementary school through college. We will also help students choose a career path.